The NFT collaboration platform for professional artists


We are building the first NFT collaboration platform focused on high-quality art.

The way we create and consume art is changing fast.

Our goal is to help professional artists collaborate and produce the next generation of NFTs.

Image by Annie Spratt


The Brave New Platform introduces three key features


Our multi-wallet function allows multiple creators to easily split royalties according to their level of contribution, no matter the size of the team.

Image by Aron Visuals
Image by Nikhita Singhal

NFT Streaming

Our platform focuses on video content because we believe streaming is the next step in the NFT evolution. Every video has low-resolution previews, but access to the full content is only available to NFT owners and via streaming. The price depends on the requested time.

Decentralized Curation

Instead of following an open or centralized curation approach, we let our community vote for the best art projects.
By voting, community members can voice their opinion and at the same time participate in selected projects. This approach ensures art projects are chosen based on their quality and artistic potential.
Moreover, our platform randomizes and anonymizes the voting process, removing potential bias.

Image by Denny Müller
Image by Adrien Olichon


100 professional artists across different disciplines.

Collaborate with other world-class artists and participate in some of the first and most valuable projects on the Brave New Platform.