• Jose Batalla

Roger Waters, the mastermind behind the legendary band Pink Floyd recently released his new film "Roger Waters The Wall".

The 2-hour cinematic experience combines footage from Water's worldwide tour and his haunting journey to reconnect with this late father.

Sometimes we find ourselves driving with him through the European countryside, the next moment, we are surrounded by an euphoric crowd singing "We don't need no education".

The same way that Pink Floyd's music has transcended generations and even challenged systems, Roger himself seems to defy time.

At six foot three, a full head of hair, and unbelievable energy, Roger has become the definition of a timeless and brave artist, especially in times when telling the truth is considered defiant and journalism a crime.

The reason his music connects so well with young people is a clear sign that we are misunderstanding the new generations.

Our desire to unite and resist those who try to tell us how we are supposed to live hasn't gone anywhere. It has been present in every single generation and it's an undeniable part of our collective DNA.

The film is a great reminder that life is a journey, not a destination. A journey where we all get one chance and one chance only, to have the courage to connect with others and tell the world who we really are. In a world that on the surface seems more divided than ever, art isn't simply an entertainment tool. Art is the vessel that can help us reach a brave new world.