Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I purchase tickets to the events?

If it's an open event, we will make tickets available on our website. All private events will require an invitation.


2) Are tickets refundable?

Our ticket refund policy will be available on our website.


3) Can I give my ticket to a friend?

Yes, but please make sure you read our event's terms and conditions.


4) Can I buy a ticket as a gift?

Yes, you can.


5) Can I purchase tickets in bulk for a lower price?

Some of our events might allow you to buy a certain amount of tickets at a discounted price. Please make sure you read the event's details or get in touch with us.


6) I want to collaborate with you as an established artist on special terms, how can I get in contact with your Art Director?

Please contact us and we will get back to you.


7) I have a marketing idea for Brave New Art, how can I get in touch with your PR manager? 

If you think you have an interesting idea please get in touch.


8) I want to work for Brave New Art, are you hiring?

Please check our Career section to see our open roles.


9) Is there anything I should be aware of before going to one of your events? 

Our events might not be suitable for everyone. A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including strobing lights or visual patterns. 


10) How can I become a guest on your YouTube Channel?


If you are an artist, simply get in touch with us. If we think you are a good fit for our channel we will get back to you.


11) How can I become a host on your YouTube Channel?


Go to the career section and apply as a Youtube Presenter if the position is available.


12) I am not an artist, but I would like to make a YouTube collaboration with you, can I get in touch?


Yes, you can. Go to our contact page and tell us more about your proposal.


13) Can I use your video footage or any other materials for my personal/commercial use?


Only if we authorize you to do so. 


14) I believe Brave New Art has violated my Copyright, what is the easiest way to inform you? 


Go to our contact page or email us. Please be as specific as possible, including timestamps and a full description of your issue.


15) Is there any food or alcohol served at the event? Can I bring my own?


You can purchase finger food and drinks at our events.

16) Where can I submit the question for the upcoming Brave New Art YouTube channel guest?

One of the best ways to start a discussion is by submitting your comment on YouTube or Instagram. If you would like a more specific or urgent question you can always get in touch with us.


17) What is the difference between Early Bird, General Admission, and VIP tickets?

All ticket categories will be detailed on our website when tickets become available.


18) Can I resell previously purchased paintings?

You are free to do anything you want with your paintings.


19) Can I buy the event franchise in my city/country?

For more information about organizing a Brave New Event in your city, email our team.


20) How can I find you on Social Media?

All our official social media links are available on this website.


21) Do you work with self-taught artists?

We work with artists from all walks of life. We are always looking for unique artists regardless of their background.

22) Why are the BraveNewArt paintings more expensive than on general exhibitions?

Our paintings have been carefully evaluated and priced accordingly.


23) My friend got a ticket for the same event at a lower price, why is that?

Your friend may have used a promo code or purchased an early bird ticket. If you have any questions about your ticket get in touch with our team.


24) Can I pre-order a painting?


No. You can only buy them during our events. 


25) Can I buy a painting in advance before the event?


No. You can choose between attending our live auction or buying it online during the event.



26) Can I sell the paintings from other artists at a Brave New Art event?

If you are a private collector or art dealer, you can contact us for more information about how to sell your art.


27) I am a digital artist, how can I collaborate with Brave New Art?

We always welcome new talent. If you would like to join our team simply apply for one of our careers.


28) I am not an artist, but would like to be one. Do you have any educational or mentoring programs?

Not for the moment, but you are more than welcome to join our art community. Attending our events can be a good starting point.


29) Where can I browse previous paintings?

Some of our art paintings will be available on our website and Instagram.


30) Where can I find footage from previous events?

You can find footage on our website and Instagram.


31) Is Brave New Art LGBTQ friendly?


Brave New Art is an international art collective that welcomes everyone.


32) What are the mediums you are working with? 


We work with painting, music, and light installations.


33) I would like to host the event for Brave New Art at my premises, how can I apply?


Get in touch with us. We will evaluate your proposal and get back to you.


34) I would like to invite the YouTube Host to hold a private event, how can I get in touch?

For special guest appearances, you can contact us here.


35) How can you organize events during the global pandemic?

All of our events follow the latest government guidelines and protocols.


36) I am a journalist and would like to meet the CEO, how can I get in touch?

Our organization is an art collective. If you have any specific questions please let us know and we will do our best to put you in touch with the right person.


37) I would like to make a public donation to your project, how can I get in touch?

We will have a donation page soon.


38) Where can I listen to music from the Brave New Art events?

Each artist will decide how their music is available. Please check our website for updates.


39) Could you consider collaborating with a dead artists' representative?

Please get in touch with us and provide as much detail as possible.


40) Can I purchase tickets from a third-party?


Tickets can only be purchased through our website or authorized partners.


41) How can I support your Youtube channel?


The best way to support our channel is through our Patreon page when it becomes available. Stay tuned.


42) How are you related to Brave New World?


We are not connected to the book or author in any way. We chose the name because in many ways it fits our current times.